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NEWS Dec 8, 2009 >> U.S. Patent Awarded to Etaliq


Etaliq is proud to announce the award of U.S. Patent No. 7,631,227, “Automated testing and control of networked devices”.

This confirms Etaliq's system and method of automated testing and control of networked devices is unique in the industry, providing a state of the art test automation infrastructure with powerful networked device abstraction, control and seamless parsing. Just what your automation needs!

ETA 2.1

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Today's business world is increasingly dominated by vendors that consistently beat their competitors to market. They are able to do so by rapidly developing, testing and shipping products to their customers. Tools that assist in expediting delivery are therefore indispensable in terms of meeting the market challenge, of competing successfully with the elite.

Over the last few years, there has been a dramatic improvement in tools that optimize supply chain management and software development. One area in particular however, Test Automation, remains weak, slowing down developers and testers who must verify the operation of their products.

ETA, Etaliq's revolutionary software product, overcomes this hurdle by simplifying and streamlining the entire test automation process. Ingeniously simple and easy to use, ETA represents a veritable quantum leap in its approach to test automation, taking performance to another level.

Early adopters have seen a tenfold improvement in the efficiency of automated test coverage. As well, ETA is providing fresh and valuable insight into the overall operation of the Test Lab, helping to maximize resources by identifying areas of under-utilization, overuse, and backlog.

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