White Papers

  • Send, Receive, and Verify! – Part I: Why Isn't Automation That Simple
    Synopsis: Send, Receive, and Verify! The perception is that automation is that easy, or at least it should be. Telecommunications manufacturers and providers use automation to verify the operation of their products and systems prior to customer release or production implementation. This document describes the predominant system of choice for telecommunications automation systems and many of the productivity challenges included in its selection, implementation, and architecture.
  • Send, Receive, and Verify! – Part II: Automation is That Easy with ETA
    Synopsis: This document, Part II, describes in detail how Etaliq, with its ETA product, has implemented solutions to all of the challenges presented in Part I.
    Improving the efficiency of initialization and command execution times saves lab and human resources; and simplifying the functions to create, debug and maintain automated tests saves development, support and maintenance staff resources as well as lab hardware. These are only two of the many productivity enhancements built into the ETA automation infrastructure tool that contribute directly to real dollar ROI. Details on these two and many others are contained in this document.
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