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ETA 2.1

ETA 2.1 is the comprehensive test automation solution for Subject Matter Experts, improving workflow and efficiency in every respect. Other tools look good doing simple tasks, but quickly pale under the stress of real world test plans—reducing highly trained staff to manually completing Tcl scripts. Only ETA handles complex testing situations with the same ease and efficiency. Why spend another minute in the Stone Age?

Features Benefits
  • a user-friendly GUI
  • a simple yet powerful scripting language
  • full syntax checking
  • an execution engine to run the actual tests
  • a full-featured execution scheduler
  • a database for storing test scripts and results
  • customizable execution reports
  • extremely easy to learn
  • improve test automation workflow by as much as tenfold
  • maximize resource usage & run more tests
  • handle complex test plans with ease
  • dependable technical support
  • 20% less expensive per license than competing tools

This is the tool that developers and testers will want to use over and over again. Simply intelligent.

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